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Disclaimer: any die-hard cricket fans, look away now!

I can’t stand test cricket. When I see the word ‘test’ before the word ‘cricket, I run a mile. This is the sporting format that involves 5 days (5 DAYS!) of batting, bowling and catching. No wonder the crowd are always well lubricated, there’s literally nothing better to do but drink.

Anyway, now I’ve got that off my chest, cricket fans come back in the room. Fortunately, T20 cricket is a completely different story. The first of many upsides is that T20 cricket is played over a single day – ah, rejoice! Even better than that, you can probably squeeze a competitive game of T20 into a single evening. Why, you ask? I’ll explain.

T20 actually stands for ‘Twenty Twenty’ (I guess T20 is prettier than 2020). This refers to the number of overs each team are allowed to bowl for during a match. To give you some context, test cricket normally allows for 90 overs every day! That’s 450 overs! You’re already leaning towards T20, aren’t you?

All these things are brilliant in my eyes, but probably the best thing about this gloriously short cricket game is the exciting batting style. There is a lot less time to do something magical on the crease, so batsmen are far more inclined to hit 4’s and 6’s with every shot! So expect some big hitters during the T20 season. And yes, don’t worry, you can still drink.

I hope that gives you cricket newbies out there enough reason to start watching! And as you’ve done so well by making it to the end of my blog, I’m going to seamlessly segway into our amazing competition…

It’s competition time!

Yes – it’s that time again! I couldn’t bang on about T20 cricket all this time and not offer you something amazing… We have 2 tickets to the Surrey vs Essex T20 match to give away! The lucky winner will be watching at the world-famous Kia Oval stadium in the club lounge, enjoying all the hospitality suite has to offer… Follow the link to enter! –

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