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A good question, I think?

Spring cleaning is something we’ve all heard of, but it’s gone unquestioned for all this time – well, not anymore.

Why is there a general expectancy to clean during spring? Where did this tradition come from? And why is my girlfriend blocking out a day of my precious weekend to deep clean the flat? Well, surprisingly, the reason is quite sensible.

Think back to the days where homes were heated exclusively by fireplace. Unlike your fancy combi boiler, fireplaces were breeding grounds for soot, dirt and other nasties that you simply don’t want in your home. Hence, the ceremonial cleaning of the fireplace was a great opportunity to air the house and to welcome the warmer weather. In spite of very questionable forecasts this month, the tradition has clearly stuck through generations!

But where does rice come into all of this? You’re not honestly telling me rice can help with my spring clean? I hear you ask. That’s where you’re wrong! You’re going to love this…

As most of us know, cleaning glassware can be a nightmare. The dishwasher doesn’t always cut it, and forget trying to squeeze your hand through the opening at the top. This is where rice can save you the hassle, and possibly a trip to A&E.

Putting a small amount of uncooked rice into a dirty glass will act as a fantastic abrasive. Combine with a trickle of warm water and dish soap and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve with a palm full of rice!

Another seamless nod to the sensational versatility of your favourite pantry product. Happy cleaning everyone!

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