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Valentine’s Day Special: A Really Rice Wedding

 It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

Got any plans? Expecting a card through the letterbox? Or just some sympathy chocolate from your mum again? Whichever way your Valentine’s shapes up, listen in, I have a few love related questions that need answering. Go with me on this.

One of the most romantic things you can do is get married, right? Your wedding day is the absolute pinnacle of love, something you will remember for the rest of your life. But that’s frankly unimportant. The most pressing issue here by far is – why do people throw rice at weddings?

“People throw rice at weddings?!” cry the millennials among us (sorry, SOME of the millennials… I know how touchy we can be). In all fairness, there are plenty of wedding day traditions that have probably left you wondering. Why does the bride require something old, something borrowed and something blue? Why are flowers thrown into a group of hopeful women with flailing arms? And WHY is the bar closed until after pudding?

But for me, hurling rice at people tops the list. For anyone equally bemused, imagine someone taking the confetti out of your hands and replacing it with palms full of the white stuff. I found myself asking: why would you waste your basmati on the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s new hairstyle, and ultimately – the floor? Well here’s the answer.

They used to throw wheat at Roman weddings, but soon after, rice became a universal symbol for fertility. Hence, the ceremonial throwing of rice became a shower (literally) of good fortune and well wishes for the broody newlyweds. I can’t think of any scientific reason why airborne rice helps with this, but hey, I enjoy the sentiment.

So there we are – it’s not as crazy as you first thought! Just don’t waste too much VeeTee Rice at your next wedding, it’s far better on your plate, trust me. Happy Valentine’s to you all!

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