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07 July 2015 Veetee Blog UK: Around The World

Veetee's Heat & Eat microwaveable rice range is great if you want to create a vast array of delicious dishes from all around the world - all from the comfort of your kitchen! 

To provide you the inspiration, we've put together these 7 internationally-inspired recipes to give you a week’s worth of tasty treats. 

 First up for Monday is this delicious Italian inspired treat! Creamy Pancetta Chicken :

 Try Beef Biryani this Tuesday - a twist on classic Indian cuisine! Easy Beef Biryani

Or why not try these spicy Pork Fajitas on Wednesday and treat yourself to a midweek Mexican! Pork Fajitas

 Go Thai this Thursday with a delicious Chocolate Coconut Rice Pudding

 Friday night is ribs night with a smoky BBQ treat from New Orleans! New Orleans Style Glazed BBQ Ribs

 Forget the typical takeaway this Saturday night and try this simple Chinese Stir Fry instead - fewer calories, but bags of taste. Pork & Ginger Stirfry

 Spice up your Sunday lunch with this Portugese Lime & Chilli Chicken. Lime & Chilli Spicy Chicken

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