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Easter is here!

For thousands of school kids up and down the country, unbridled joy awaits. Two weeks off and all the chocolate you can eat… actually, that sounds pretty good. Where do I sign up?

BUT this does mean your children will be running riot at home. Not to mention, seriously charged up on sugar and adrenaline. How’re you planning to quell the madness? I have a lovely little Easter tip, which involves quiet, calm arts and crafts… With the added bonus that it’s really cool!

Dying Hard Boiled Eggs with Rice!

It’s easy enough to get your Easter egg fix while having some time out on chocolate. These rice-dyed eggs make fantastic decoration for any number of Easter themed crafts you can conjure up!

Step 1: Hard boil as many eggs as you want to decorate

Step 2: Find an adequately sized container (with lid!) and throw a good handful of rice into the mix

Step 3: Here’s where it can get messy… Squeeze 3-4 drops of food colouring (take your pick) and stir until the rice is evenly coated

Step 4: Take the shells off your eggs and place one at a time into the container

Step 5: Put the lid on and encourage the kids to give it a good – but not too hard – shake!

Step 6: Et Viola! You’ll have an amazingly decorated speckled egg in the colour of your choosing

And there we have it! Amazing decorative Easter eggs in no time, all thanks to our favourite little grain. Don’t forget to tell your favourite little grains to stick to the chocolate variety though – these won’t taste as good!

Have any other arts and crafts ideas using rice? I’d love to hear how you’re using rice outside the kitchen! Comment below:

It’s competition time!

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