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The best just got better.

How much rice do I need? Always an annoying question… well no more. Say hello to Veetee Rice Pots! Individual portions to suit your lifestyle.

A quick lunch in the office? A speedy dinner after working late? Surprise guest for dinner? Whatever the situation, rice pots are a quick and easy way to get the perfect portion.

We gently steam our rice then carefully seal the trays to preserve all the goodness – without any of the artificial nasties. All you have to do is pop the tray in the microwave for delicious tasty rice. Easy.

The rice pots are available in Morrisons and directly from our website in a variety of flavours. Buy your rice pots, or browse our recipes for delectable inspiration for your next meal.

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    • Hi Kathy. Our product is par-cooked, so you will need to heat it in the microwave or stir-fry it for 2 minutes before consuming

  1. Usually buy these twice pots in my weekly shop. Recently grabbed for one from my cupboard and the rice had turned completely grey??? Yuck. Won’t be buying again. Have pictures to prove! And expiry date March 2020.

    • Hi Ciara

      Oh no! thanks for letting us know. I will ask our customer services team to get in touch right away!

  2. Lovely rice and convenient and ideal portion size but the price hike from the 75p it’s been since launch (in Asda) to the permanent £1.00 point recently is frustrating.

    • Hi Reginald. So glad you like the rice. We think it’s great too! Unfortunately out introductory offer had to come to an end sometime, thanks for your comments

  3. Great to see a quick and convenient method of cooking a single portion.
    Just a quick query about the new pots – are you supposed to leave it sealed or peel the lid a little before cooking in a microwave?

    • Hi Chris
      You should peel the lid back halfway prior to microwaving. So glad to hear you like the new rice pots.


  4. these fab little pots of loveliness… perfect size and so easy and quick to cook! Just wondered whether you plan to add to your luscious range… as an egg fried one would be wonderful!! xx

    • Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely comment. So glad you like the pots, we think they’re fab! watch this space for now 😀 thanks