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Curries Could be Better for You Than You Think!

Is there anything better than sitting down to a steaming bowl of homemade curry, served with rice and a delicious naan bread? Our friends at Seasoned Cookery School think so.

We may have changed some of the traditional ingredients of some curries over the years to suit our palates, but it seems that the humble curry is not just delicious but better for our health than we think.

And its all down to the spices used to create our favourite curry dishes.

The alchemy that is curry

Did you know curries could be better for your health than you think? Have a look at most curry recipes and you will see a long list of healthy spices and ingredients, all of which combine to create a tasty flavoursome dish. Some of the healthiest spices are as follows: –

Cinnamon, a sweet spice that is used in savoury and sweet dishes, is a common ingredient in many curry dishes and is an ingredient known to lower blood pressure amongst other things.

Ginger fresh or powdered packs a heady flavour that many of us will probably know as being useful for digestive disorders from heartburn to stomach ache. But did you know it has anti-inflammatory properties too, scientifically proven in trials?

Cardamom adds a perfume to many a curry dish but it isn’t just an ingredient in Indian cooking. You may find it in some flavoured teas as well as scattered across pastries and other sweet treats. As well as reducing blood pressure, cardamom has shown amazing anti-inflammatory properties, some of which may be useful in fighting cancers.

Enjoy the diversity of Indian dishes – and the health benefits too!

The range of Indian cuisine and dishes are immensely diverse. Different regions cook and flavour their food differently which is why the range of curries you can try is such a large one!

Creating and flavouring your own curries is something you can do, especially if you have an in-depth understanding of how to use and cook spices and ingredients. Seasoned Cookery School host a range of Indian cookery courses, perfect for honing your curry making skills.

Spices release their oils and flavour with the merest hint of heat, an important stage in curry-making that many leave out. Allowing the flavours to slowly infuse into the meat is also key to a delicious curry but also for getting the best from all the good-for-you spices and ingredients. For more about how curries can help you eat well, read our article here


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