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Business Update: VeeTee Response to Coronavirus

In light of the constantly changing and escalating COVID-19 crisis, we would like to share some of the steps we are taking to maintain business continuity and support for our Teammates, our Customers, our Business Partners and indeed the broader Community that we serve.

Our number one priority remains to safeguard the health and safety of the extensive VeeTee family of teammates, their families, our customers and their shoppers as well as the health and safety of our strategic supply chain business partners.

The VeeTee leadership team has activated a robust response plan with substantially enhanced health and safety protocols based on the latest scientific and medical advice as well as flexible and rapid business continuity plans. In addition to these we are also putting in place a series of community service initiatives to help the more vulnerable members of our neighbourhood.

The VeeTee Response Plan

The following measures have been implemented with immediate effect:

  • We have assembled a Task Force which is monitoring and implementing the latest guidance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer and the WHO, as well as UK Government and NHS sources on a daily basis
  • Regular Communication Plan to all teammates is now established, updated and actioned on a daily basis
  • Strict protocols on social distancing (including non-physical greetings) and hand hygiene discipline are in place and being reinforced through frequent communication and leading by example
  • All non-essential company travel has been suspended and we will be conducting meetings remotely for the time being
  • We have invoked a remote working policy for certain teammates in line with government guidelines; this is now fully operational
  • We have segregated our essential management and operational staff into separate teams, thereby minimising the risk of cross-contamination
  • Remote working is in place for a range of personnel and teams, with the ability for calls to said teams to be redirected and/or answered both in and outside of the office
  • We have upgraded our IT services to improve communication and our ability to work remotely and provide uninterrupted service
  • Supply chain risk assessment information has been gathered and an overarching assessment has been completed. Contingency measures are in place to ensure business continuity
  • All of our manufacturing units and distribution centres have activated specialist tiered protocols to protect our workers while supporting business continuity. These are being rigorously monitored by senior business unit leaders at each site.
  • All customer facing teammates will connect with customers virtually wherever possible
  • IT support will be provided and guidance will be shared with all those taking what will be an extended period of working from home.
  • Out technical, quality and health and safety teammates working on essential activities will follow specific protocols to ensure we keep quality and safety at the forefront of the business

In additional to the rapid response plan, we at VeeTee are also donating a substantial quantity of Rice to Age UK – UK’s leading charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. We are extremely mindful of the threat COVID-19 poses to this community.

We are also considering different plans to assist and help the National Health Service workers who are heroically and unselfishly providing the care and attention to those suffering from this awful disease. We salute them and we will share our plans in due course.

Finally, we’re also working on enhancing our online ordering platform to maintain continuity of supply in the event significant control measures are implemented which may restrict travel.

In unprecedented times, the entire VeeTee work force is focused on keeping our teammates safe whilst meeting our obligations to our highly valued customers and our partners by being flexible, proactive, enterprising and resourceful. We are ready and confident that our teammates and infrastructure will allow us to continue to support you with the same level of quality that we pride ourselves on.

Moni Varma Chairman
Rajiv Varma Managing Director