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You’ll know that rice comes in many forms, but you might be amazed at just how many grain types there are.

World Map made from rice against a wooden background

Long Grain rice is a versatile rice grain which remains light and fluffy once it’s been cooked. The grains are long and slender, as the name suggests, and its subtle flavour makes it the perfect complement to a wide variety of cuisines and dishes, from hearty casseroles, bakes and risottos to Chinese stir-fries, soups or as a side to your favourite curry or chilli con carne.

Long Grain rice needs rich nutrient soil together with a warm climate to grow well.  Although grown all over the world, the key growth countries include China, USA, Thailand and South America, where the climate is perfect for cultivating the long grain rice crop. Discover VeeTee’s Long Grain Rice products here.

Brown Long Grain Rice

Brown type of long grain differs from white long grain rice because it still has the rice germ and bran layers in tact, giving it a darker appearance. The benefits of eating include a higher nutrition content, as the grain retains more vitamins and fibre.  Brown rice also helps keep you fuller for longer, thanks to its low GI (glycaemic index) level.

Although brown long grain rice needs slightly longer to cook than white milled long grain rice, it has a deliciously nutty texture and wholesome flavour. Discover VeeTee’s Brown Long Grain Rice products here.

Long GrainsSubtle FlavourVersatile

Basmati rice needs specific water, heat and light conditions to grow, and the perfect conditions can only be found in the regions which lie at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.

It comes from a very delicate plant which requires constant vigilance to ensure a healthy crop. Due to the climatic conditions there is only one harvest per year. Like wine or cheese, Basmati matures and improves with age so the rice is usually stored for 12-18 months before it is sold.

Basmati is considered by many to be the best white rice available with very unique characteristics.  When cooked, the rice has a wonderful aromatic fragrance and a very unique, delicate flavour.  The grains almost double in length, separate easily from each other and become fluffy in texture.

Brown Basmati

While the majority of Basmati sold has been milled to become white, brown Basmati retains the characteristics of white Basmati; however it is the presence of the rice germ and bran layers which distinguish it from the milled white variety.

Brown Basmati rice is also rich in nutrients and minerals.  Although it needs a little longer to cook, brown Basmati has a delicious nutty flavour and a lower GI (Glycaemic Index), meaning it releases energy slowly and therefore keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

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