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Thai Jasmine Rice

by VeeTee THAILAND Thai Jasmine Rice

Imported from Thailand, Jasmine rice (also referred to as Thai Fragrant rice) is a member of the long grain rice family and has a wonderful floral aroma often likened to a pandan fragrance.  The rice grains are long and thin, similar to Basmati, however when cooked the silky white grains become slightly sticky in texture, making the ideal choice for mopping up creamy Thai curries and picking up with chopsticks.  The variety Hom Mali is considered the best for taste and quality.

Whilst Basmati rice matures with age, Thai Jasmine rice is best enjoyed as close to the harvest as possible, when the grains are freshest and the fragrance is strongest.  It is possible to have up to four harvests per year, which therefore produces a high yield.

Thai Jasmine rice is also available in a brown variety which retains the fragrant aroma qualities; however the rice will not be as sticky as the white variant.  It has a slightly nutty taste due to the presence of the bran layers.

firm texturegreat in saladsnuttyrich in antioxidants