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VeeTee has joined up with food charity FareShare to ensure surplus stock is not wasted and will be used to feed hungry people throughout the UK.

So far, VeeTee, one of the UK’s leading rice suppliers, has donated enough rice to make over 39,000 meals.

Fairshare will give these to vulnerable people such as those in homeless hostels, children’s breakfast clubs and lunch clubs for the elderly.

Products with sort shelf lives can go to waste if they aren’t sold to retailers in time.

FareShare has been working with the food industry for over 20 years to ‘save’ these products and put them to good use, providing they are good quality and still in date.

As well as extra stock, VeeTee has also pledged to give FareShare any products that- although perfectly fine to eat – don’t quite pass quality control tests due to small packaging imperfections.

FareShare reaches over 320 towns and cities, providing food for 18.3 million meals a year and supporting 211,565 people every week.

Vikas Magoon, CEO at VeeTee, said: “VeeTee Foods is proud to have partnered with FareShare.

As much as we try to reduce unwanted stock, waste is inevitable.

To be able to put our surplus stock to good use makes the production efficiencies we have gained from this partnership so far even more worthwhile.

This partnership is a chance to give back to the communities we serve.

For VeeTee it’s one of our corporate goals to ensure we act responsibly and we hope this can inspire other smaller organisations in the food industry to do same.

We look forward to continuing and developing our partnership with FareShare further into the future.”

Mark Varney, Director of Food at FareShare said: “We are delighted that VeeTee have begun their partnership with us.

VeeTee are one of a growing number of branded food manufacturers who are taking a pro-active approach to using their surplus food to feed people in need.

The good quality, nutritious products they provide to FareShare are greatly appreciated by the charities and community groups we support and we look forward to growing our partnership with them.”

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