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VeeTee has donated enough rice for 1 million meals to help feed hungry children as part of a new initiative called Kitchen Social organised by the Mayor’s Fund for London.

Kitchen Social provides 50,000 young people with free healthy meals during school holidays, who normally get free lunches during term time.

For many of these children, school holidays are tough. With no teacher support, a lack of food and loneliness can be a daily reality.

VeeTee’s rice – naturally sodium free, cholesterol free and gluten free – will help Kitchen Social offer nutritious meals to those in need.

As well as tackling hunger, the project offers youngsters the chance to learn about healthy eating, and encourages exercise and socialising.

Moni Varma founded VeeTee in 1987 with a single rice mill in Perivale, London, before growing to become one of the largest rice suppliers in the UK. He got involved with Kitchen Social to “repay the debt of gratitude” he feels towards the UK and London for helping him build his business.

He added: “People tend to think about what can be done in Africa or India, but there is a lot to be done here…I think right now the supermarkets are all talking about food waste and we need to find a way to marry the waste to the people that need feeding.”