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A rice cooker is an undeniable hero in any rice-lover’s kitchen. Try this method for perfectly cooked, easy to prepare rice every night.

Don’t you just love a kitchen gadget? Us too! And as Masters of Rice, our most-treasured appliance is the rice cooker. It might seem like another unnecessary appliance, but – trust us – a rice cooker is a rice lover’s best friend. If you’ve got one stashed away in your cupboard, dig it out. And if you haven’t, invest!

A rice cooker is especially useful if you’re not a confident cook, as it can seriously up your credibility. Not only does it give you exact measurements, but it never burns rice – so you’ll feel accomplished in no time! What’s more, a rice cooker offers uniform cooking and ‘keep warm’ settings for when you’re still waiting for your delicious accompaniment to finish off. Here’s how…

Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker

Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker
  1. You know the old saying – measure twice, cook once! Make sure you start with the right amount of rice (1 cup per 2 people).
  2. Rinse! This isn’t crucial but it’s best for light, fluffy rice.
  3. Transfer the rice into the rice cooker – we told you this was simple!
  4. Add water. Most rice cookers will have guidelines inside to measure how much you need.

  5. Add any flavourings or additional ingredients, e.g. vegetables.

  6. Pop the lid on and turn it on!