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Can You Freeze Cooked Rice?

There can be some confusion when it comes to freezing cooked rice, so we dispel some myths & tell you how to perfectly store your rice.
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Q: Can You Freeze Cooked Rice?

A: Yes, you can safely freeze any leftover cooked rice so that you can eat it at another time. But there are some things you should watch out for (read on)…

Q: Can it be Unsafe to Eat if it isn’t Frozen?

A: Rice does contain a spore forming bacteria that can be dangerous in uncooked rice. Once the rice has been cooked, the bacteria is killed but the spores remain. The rice then becomes unsafe if left for long periods as the bacteria can start to grow again. This is why freezing is the best solution, even if you intend to eat the rice the next day.

Q: When Should I Freeze Cooked Rice?

A: It is best to freeze the rice as soon as possible after cooking. Pack the rice into a microwavable container as soon as it is cooked. When the rice has cooled, seal the container and place into the freezer.

Q: How Long Will it Keep?

A: You can keep rice in the freezer for up to one month and it will still retain its moisture and taste. You shouldn’t leave rice in the freezer for longer than this.

Q: How Should I Reheat it?

A: It is fine to reheat your rice in the microwave but you should always check that it is piping hot before eating. You can defrost the rice in a fridge before heating or cook straight from frozen. Don’t reheat rice more than once as this can allow time for the bacteria to grow.

Q: Is it Okay to Freeze Rice with Vegetables?

A: Yes that isn’t a problem. If you cook rice with other ingredients such as vegetables, chicken or other meat, then you can also freeze that with the rice to make a more wholesome meal.


It is easy to overestimate how much rice you will actually need for a meal. So the next time you cook too much rice, why not freeze it and save it for a meal another time. If there’s only enough for one portion, then why not save it and have it for lunch to make a change. It will save you buying more food in the week and can provide a healthy option for lunch.

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  1. Thankyou, you have cleared up a lot of questions and worries .. just one problem you may be able to help with…When I defrost the rice in microwave I take off bits that are defrosted but when defrosting the little plump left it actually reheated.
    I then put curry on it and reheated all for dinner. That means a small portion was actually reheated twice – is this bad as it often happens with my m/wave. thanks

  2. Thanks. Does frozen cooked rice have to be reheated? I.e. can I just let it thaw then give it to my dog?

  3. the 1st question and answer says yes “but there are some things you should watch out for (read on)”…but there is no link or action that allows you to read on thanks for nothing

    • It means read the rest of the article. Scroll past the 1st question, and literally READ ON: i.e. the other Q&As

  4. If I have cooked rice with veg and frozen it appropriately,is it ok for me to defrost and eat as a lunch when I am at work a few days on as long as defrosted properly? Don’t always want the day after or heated ?
    Please respond

  5. Hi, if I cook Brown rice then freeze it, is it safe to eat cold once defrosted? without heating it up

  6. I had a function so did outside catering. They supplied more rice. I do not know when it was cooked, although it was warm when delivered. I did not freeze the rice on the same day. Is it still safe to freeze, or to utilise it in different way?should I throw it away?

  7. This is good advice. I run a restaurant and we find that the best rice texture is one day old rice when stored in the cold room at 4C in a sealed container. If not used we freeze individual portions which are really useful for making quick meals. As a chef I’m often looking to make myself a quick meal at the end of the night and that’s when these individual packs of rice come in handy.