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“What’re we going to watch tonight?”

“I don’t know, have a look on Netflix”

*Undecidedly scrolls through films until bed-time*

As far as my typical evening goes, that’s a pretty accurate summary… and dare I say, many of yours too?

It’s a conversation my girlfriend and I have all the time (sometimes just me…) and it got me thinking. My own inability to choose a movie aside, we are extremely fortunate to live in the subscription service era. Remember rocking up to Blockbuster for a Friday night DVD, only to be slapped with a late fine from the week before? Was it Mean Girls 2? That doesn’t seem too long ago…

And of course, it’s not just movie’s we can access on demand. There’s an endless number of products and services you can pay for per month – cars, phones, razors, clothing, food shops, craft beer and more. If you can’t get it instantaneously already, just you wait, someone will dream it up soon.

That’s where we come in. Gone are the days of waiting in line for your monthly rice instalment. Set up a standing order of your favourite VeeTee rice trays, and enjoy all the perks!

  • Gifts for subscribers only with every delivery
  • Free delivery
  • Exclusive subscriber only discounts
  • Exclusive look at new products
  • Friendly customer service

These extras are exclusive to subscription buyers only, so don’t hang around, there are plenty of flavours to try!

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