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Easy Cook Rice

by VeeTee PHILIPPINES Easy Cook Rice

You can buy Basmati and Long Grain rice in an “easy cook” pack, also known as “parboiled”. Easy cook rice is available in both brown and white rice varieties – it’s grown and harvested in the same way as standard rice; the difference is that an additional process the grains go through after the harvest.

The rice grains are soaked in hot water for several hours and then steamed.  It is for this reason that the rice is also called parboiled rice.  This process gelatinises the starch, making the grain firmer and more durable.  It distorts the natural white colour of the grain, adding a slightly yellow tint while the natural aromas are also obscured.

Easy Cook rice takes slightly longer to cook than the non-Easy Cook varieties, but it is foolproof and therefore perfect for the less confident cook.  It is hard to overcook easy cook rice as the grains don’t become stodgy or sticky if you leave the pan on.

If you still can’t master perfectly cooked rice, why not give the heat and eat range a try? In just 2 minutes you will have perfectly cooked, white rice. Every. Single. Time. Click here to view the range.

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