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Did you know 26th March is National Spinach Day?

The stuff of children’s mealtime nightmares, spinach hasn’t had it easy in the past.
by VeeTee Seasonal

It turns out that Popeye wasn’t right – spinach doesn’t actually make you strong (thanks to a misplaced nutrition decimal point in its iron content), although it still contains enough iron to almost rival the beef burger.

Spinach continues to be a leafy vegetable worth celebrating thanks to being nutrient-rich and packed with folic acid, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A, B6, C, E and K.
In peak season around March and April, but available all year round, it is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed raw (baby spinach leaves are best), or when cooked by throwing it into many a dish.

Given that today is National Spinach Day, we’re sharing some delicious recipes, to prove that it doesn’t have to taste all that bad either!
Whether you fancy a slice of Spinach & Feta Pie (travels perfectly and is great for lunch the next day!), a delicious slab of Cheesy Spinach Rice Quiche or our wonderfully simple Salmon & Mushroom Rice, we’ve got something for everyone.

Golden filo pastry pie, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese filling

Spinach & Feta Rice Pie


Plate of cheese and spinach made from VeeTee rice garnished with salad and tomatoes

Cheesy Spinach Rice Quiche


Bowl of Rice with mushrooms and sweetcorn and green leaves with a fillet of evenly cooked salmon placed on top

Salmon & Mushroom Rice


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