Whether you’re new to vegetarianism or a committed veggie, you’ll know that sometimes it can prove difficult to find delicious meat-free recipes online. Our Heat & Eat microwaveable rice range is Vegetarian Society approved (even our Chicken Flavour Rice), so making a tasty vegetarian dish with rice is a cinch!

With vegetarianism being embraced by an increasing cross-section of society, the days of the mundane nutroast are behind us, with more palatable alternatives such as our Rice & Mixed Vegetable Frittata ensuring that removing meat from your diet doesn’t mean removing flavour!

We’ve put together some great meat-free alternatives that will liven up your recipe repertoire. Whether it be a quick & easy Greek Style Rice & Feta Salad or something sweet like our Sticky Chocolate Coconut Rice, our microwave rice is the perfect ingredient for creating a whole variety of easy vegetarian recipes.

All of our recipes are simple to make, so you can just take a tray of Veetee microwaveable rice from your cupboard and combine it with everyday ingredients & fresh vegetables to cook up a delectable dish in minutes!

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