Traditional Rice Pudding

Traditional rice pudding has been around for hundreds of years and is still loved and enjoyed today! It is a classic dish for us Brits and one of our favourites. The earliest known recipe is from the 1600’s and it is very similar to the way we make it today! The dish is simple to make and consists of very few ingredients, depending on the recipe. The main ingredients are rice and milk, however many spices and other ingredients can be added to give it a twist.

Now days the dish is enjoyed all over the world with many nations having their own variation of it. The traditional way is to bake it, however many now cook it on the hob. Simmering the milk in a pan and then adding in the other ingredients to it has been the classic way to do it for generations.

It can be enjoyed as a dessert or as a main meal depending on what recipe you are following and the ingredients you are using. We have a mixture of both so try a few and see which one you like best!

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