Are you dreaming of a trip to Thailand? Sadly, we can’t take you there physically, but with our delicious recipes and selection of rice we have to offer you’ll think you are sat eating dinner in the heart of Thailand; just without the scorching heat that is.  

We provide a brilliant range of different recipes for a number of traditional Thai dishes laap, khao pad and the pad krapow moo saap. All of which are delicious authentic dishes that originate from the heart of Thailand. We provide an exceptional range of rice that can accompany these dishes. Such as our very own basmati rice, long grain rice (which is very common for Thai dishes), as well as a number of different flavoured rice to offer a new dimension to the dish, including lime and herb rice , golden vegetable and many more. Therefore there is a flavour for every taste, regardless of what it may be.

If you are interested in experiencing a fantastic array of flavours then Thai dishes are more than capable to offer that pleasure. By following our set guide we can walk you through each and every step to make the perfect Thai dish, all you need to do is decide on the cuisine of your choice.  

If have any of your own Thai recipes that you would like to share, then please submit them in today!
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