When you thinking of typical Spanish dishes, your mind may begin to picture Tapas, however there is much more to Spanish food it than just that. With our range of different recipes you will be able to find the perfect dish for you.

Here we provide a fantastic range of authentic Spanish recipes, from the likes of fish paella, to arroz melos, caldoso de bogavante often with lobster and other shell fish. – All of which are exceptional and very traditional Spanish rice dishes that have been the food of the people for many years, and although you may not know it, rice is still a very big dish for the Spanish people.

So if you are looking for authentic Spanish dishes, from those traditional rice dishes to the more popular paella; then we have an excellent selection of mouth-watering recipes that you will be desperate to try.

Regardless of the dish you wish to try, we have the rice for you; ranging from long grain rice, to basmati and pilau rice and many, many more for you to choose from. Therefore you have more than enough of a selection. So why not check out our excellent Spanish recipes and try something new.

If you have any of your own Spanish recipes then please submit them today!
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