Pork can be enjoyed in many different forms including bacon, ribs and chops. It is the most commonly consumed red meat worldwide, especially in eastern Asia. This is despite the fact that the meat is forbidden in certain religions such as Islam and Judaism. Pork is also high in protein and rich in many vitamins and minerals. It is often considered to be an unhealthy option but lean pork can be great for healthy diets. It also makes a delicious addition to many different meals and is perfect for use with all kinds of different cuisines.

Our delicious pork recipes offer a wide variety of dishes to try. We have created a number of our own recipes that include pork so that you have plenty of choices when it comes to cooking. Liven up your mealtimes with these tasty dishes and impress your family and friends. We have easy recipes that take next to no time at all, along with some that take more care and attention. Why not try our tasty Cajun rice & beans recipe that’s easy to cook in just 20 minutes. We also have plenty of user submitted recipes that we have chosen to give you an even greater choice when it comes to cooking.

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