If you're looking for some of Delhi’s finest Indian rice recipes, you've come to the right place. By taking on our delightful Indian recipes you will have a fantastic choice of dishes to select from. Whether you are looking for different starters, side dishes or a main meal. You can be sure to find them all on here!

Following the fantastic selection of recipes we have here cooking a delicious Indian cuisine has never been made so simple. Be it you are cooking your own lamb kebabs, chicken curry or a Chicken Tikka Masala; then with the addition of our own rice you will have yourself a complete and delightful dinner to sit down and enjoy.

We even have a range of different dishes to fit your mood as well. Whether you want to make a quick easy and simple Dahl Makhni, or are just in the mood for finger foods then the onion bhajis are perfect for you. With the addition of our rice, from peri-peri to our own pilau rice it will provide you with an ideal outcome.  Regardless of your mood, we have the recipes for you!
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