Healthy One Pot Recipes

Our healthy one pot rice recipes are perfect for when you are stretched for time in the evening and just want to grab one pot, rather than worrying about the timing of a complex meal.

We all know what it’s like to be in a rush and have no time to cook. This is when our diets start to go out the window and we make less health conscious decisions. We start to think about the quickest option rather than the healthiest and are happy to grab some junk food as long as it’s ready quickly.

Who says fast food has to be unhealthy? With our healthy one pot rice recipes you’ll have a delicious and healthy meal together in no time. Using just one pot you won’t have to worry about washing up or making too much mess, saving you time and effort. The focus of these meals is be simple to prepare with amazing flavours whilst remaining healthy.

We cover a wide range of options using fresh ingredients, everyday items you have in cupboard and of course, rice! They are easy to make and you will have a healthy meal together quicker than the take-away can deliver!

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