Gluten Free

Gluten free diets are becoming increasingly common, whether it be through necessity or preference. We’ve put together a whole host of gluten free rice recipes that are designed to create delicious dishes for those that have removed gluten from their diets.

As with all food products, we would always recommend checking the packaging, but the vast majority of Veetee Heat & Eat rices are gluten free. This means that our rice can bring a variety of different flavours to your gluten free meals.

Need a quick & easy gluten free dish? Try Stir-fried Lamb & Peppers- ready in just 5 minutes but spicy enough to liven up your midweek meals!

For something to feed the whole family, our Coronation Chicken is a classic that always proves popular. Room for dessert? Our Thai Style Mango Rice Pudding is a fruity twist on traditional rice pudding that tastes as great as it looks.

Our gluten free rice recipes cover everything from speedy salads to delectable desserts, take a look at what culinary delights you can cook up without the need for gluten- it may surprise you!

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