Easy One Pot Recipes

Sometimes you don’t have the time or the energy to make a labour intensive dinner. With our easy one pot recipes you can avoid most of the hard work and still have a tasty meal. These are perfect for when you are in a rush or for when you get home late and don’t have a lot of timer to cook.

With these easy recipes you will be able to make an amazing meal using everyday ingredients (with rice of course!)  and occasionally something a little more exotic!  We have tried to keep it as simple as possible without compromising on flavour!

Whether you are looking for speed, simplicity or both, we have got it covered. Our recipes offer a wide variety of choice and cater to a range of dietary requirements. Using just one pot you won’t have to worry about spending the evening washing up or leaving it for the next day, these recipes are quick and clean with great flavours.

We use a wide range of ingredients from chicken and beef to fresh vegetables. No matter what your need we are sure we have got the recipe for you.

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