We provide excellent recipes for authentic Chinese dishes, with divine flavours that will take you all the way to Shanghai and back. So give your taste buds a treat and explore our fantastic selection of Chinese recipes.

With many different flavours of rice, from long grain rice, to basmati and pilau rice you have an endless choice to pick from when you are cooking. All of which are effortless to prepare. So if you are looking for a new exciting dish for dinner, then follow our various recipes and I’m sure you’ll find one that you fancy.

Here we have an extraordinary mixture of authentic Chinese dishes for you, ranging from sweet and sour ribs to King Pao Prawns and dry-braised beef with oyster sauce and Sichuan peppers and many, many more. All of which will go hand in hand with our selection of rice that we have to offer; ultimately creating the perfect dish.

If you are looking for the perfect Chinese meal for dinner then we have the perfect selection of quick, easy and mouth-watering Chinese dishes to fulfil any desire you may have. So check them out today!

Have you got your own recipes? Then feel free to submit and share them today!

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