We're a nation of chicken lovers so that's why we have cooked up a wide range of chicken rice recipes to make sure that your meal times are always exciting. Not only do we have our very own 'Veetee' recipes, we also have a number recipes that have been created by you, so there’s even more of a choice for you when it comes to cooking your tasty meal. Our recipes include plenty of dishes that are simple and easy to cook, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a wholesome meal.

With our Heat & Eat range you can get delicious and aromatic rice in just 2 minutes! We know that it can be difficult to cook the perfect rice for your meal and if you don’t cook it right you can often end up with rice that is too sticky and ruined. This can ruin a meal and leave you with no time to cook more rice. Our Heat & Eat range is microwaveable and takes just 2 minutes to get delicious rice that’s perfect for all kinds of meals. Not only this but it comes in a range of different plain and flavoured rice’s so you can even spice up your meal at the same time!

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