Have you have just got in from work and really don’t feel up for much? We’ve got it covered! We have a brilliant range of simple American rice recipes that will suit any taste and desire you may have. Following the many recipes that we have to offer on American cuisine, cooking dinner has never been made so easy for you

Now, rice may not seem typically American when it comes to food, but we ensure there is plenty you of dishes you can eat with, including chicken bits and peri-peri chicken flavoured rice we have, or even our very own New Orleans style rice, the perfect partner for some glazed ribs or mushroom rice to go with your creamy chicken. We also, provide the likes of pilau rice, basmati and long grain rice to ensure you have enough of a selection to choose from. So pick yourself a dish, get started and enjoy.

If you have any of your own recipes when it comes to American styled dishes then please, feel free to submit them today!
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