Risotto Rice

Risotto Rice

Typically grown in the Po Valley region of Italy, risotto rice grains are round, plump, full of starch and extremely absorbent. Once cooked the rice becomes incredibly rich and creamy, and is traditionally used in Italian dishes - the starch released during cooking creates the creamy texture synoymous with dishes such as risotto.  

Risotto rice comes in many different varieties, each with its own qualities.  Risotto purists favour the popular Carnaroli variety (thanks to its higher starch content and ability to retain a firmer, 'al dente' texture), but you will find Arborio and Vialone Nano risotto grains work just as well in your dishes. 

The secret to the perfect risotto is patience - it requires adding the stock / liquid in which the rice cooks a ladleful at a time with continuous stirring in order to create the creamy texture we know and love. This helps to release more starch from the grains.  Risotto rice should never be washed prior to cooking, as this removes some of the all-important starch needed to complete the dish.

  • starchy grains
  • pearly, medium / short grains
  • sticky when cooked

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