Our approach to business is simple.

Veetee’s vision is to be a key player in the international foods market, in the countries where we operate, recognised for increasing accessibility to quality, customised international food, delivered with simplicity to attract consumers at every level of culinary expertise.

Underpinning our vision are 8 core values which shape who we are, how we behave and we stand by them to meet our customers’ expectations, helping to make our business as successful tomorrow as it is today:

  1. Obsess over customers.
  2. Collaborate & Share knowledge.
  3. Be rigorous. Get it right.
  4. Treat others with respect & dignity.
  5. Innovate & simplify.
  6. Turn ideas into action.
  7. Conduct business ethically.
  8. Seek diverse perspectives.

Veetee Corporate Values and Visions