Veetee understands and respects the role we play in our society and the impact our actions have on our stakeholders; not only on our local communities, but also on a worldwide scale.  It’s our responsibility to look after the environment, our colleagues and our customers to create a sustainable business for the future. 


  • Receiving and sending sea freight shipments wherever possible, to reduce our air miles
  • Introduction of sustainable forestry approved cardboard in 2014
  • Insulation of factory & heating pipes to reduce carbon footprint

Creating healthy products

  • We try wherever possible to ensure that the ingredients we use do not contain any allergens.  If this is not possible we try to keep the allergens to a minimum.  As part of our ongoing product development we continually strive to seek out alternative ingredients to remove any allergens which may be present.

Minimising waste

  • The operation of rice milling generates a lot of waste as husks and bran are removed from the individual grains.  We ensure that this waste is kept to a minimum and reprocessed.  In addition all cardboard and discarded packaging is recycled.  Through our efforts less than 5% of our total waste is sent to landfill sites and we are working hard to reduce this figure even more. 
  • Water conservation and reusing on site to cut wastage
  • Donating surplus stock to animal feed suppliers and food banks, utilising surplus packaged products through alternative retail channels to minimise our wastage

Supporting local communities

  • We are involved with a seed multiplication scheme which encourages local farmers to get back to agriculture by cultivating rice with a buy-back arrangement, where the finished product is sold in the local market.
  • Support to local community (charity support)

Developing happy employees

  • Dedication to employee welfare: regular development programmes, private healthcare plans to promote strong wellbeing
  • Welcoming of diversity – a 125% increase increase in female employees within the management team compared with 2009, and a diverse multicultural organisation from various backgrounds


We have a duty of care towards society and we look out for those less fortunate than us.

We support charities where we can to make a positive difference to people’s lives.  More often than not it is the charities who, due to their size, do not have the publicity and recognition that some of the larger charities command.

In addition to the charities we help in both India and the UK, we also support charities in Malawi.