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08 July 2014 Veetee Blog UK: We're Evolutionising...Some of you have spotted the 'new look coming soon' stickers on our packs in supermarkets. Others might have noticed our recent Twitter competition which inspired some of you to join the great hunt for our new-look black packaging in store.

Well, it's finally well and truly here. 

Each pack now features a "Perfect with..." serving suggestion, making it easier to pair them with a variety of everyday meals. Our plain rice products have been updated with a description, making it easier for you to choose which rice is suitable, depending on what type of meal you're making. 
The first packs to hit stores are our new Wholegrain Brown rice and Egg Fried Rice varieties (read our We've Cracked It! blog post here).

Got a question or comment to make on our new look? Please leave your comments below: 

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