Veetee Blog UK: National Paella Day

25 March 2015 Veetee Blog UK: National Paella Day

Maracas at the ready, because today is National Paella Day!

Derived from the old French word paelle meaning "pan", paella is a traditional rice dish developed in Valencia in the 1800s and is well known as Spain's national dish.

Today there are now many variations of paella, the most popular being seafood (paella de marisco), meat and seafood combined (paella mixta) and Valencian, which traditionally contains rabbit and chicken (paella valenciana). The dish is brightly coloured due to its array of vegetables and beans, whilst the rice grains have a sunny, golden-yellow hue owing to the addition of saffron.

Paella is a fantastic showstopper when cooking at home, particularly when in the company of friends and family. So how's best to prepare it? Well, purists insist on making paella over an open-fire which helps create a rice-crust at the bottom of the pan, a Spanish delicacy called soccarat, but realistically most are now prepared on the hob.  So to commemorate this special day, we've made it that bit easier to muster up that bit of Iberican charm with our flavoursome paella recipes. 

We have a speedy paella for those that want big flavours when time is of the essence, as well as an easy paella recipe if you're just dipping your toes into the water.

For budding cooks that have more time on their hands, try our Chorizo & Garlic Paella recipe, using Veetee's Savoury Paella Rice base which takes just 20 minutes to cook (just add the meat and vegetables!), or if a paella de marisco is more up your street we also have a paprika prawn paella recipe.

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